Dubai Based E-Commerce website development and Designing company.

If you are looking best e-commerce website development and designing services in Dubai, you have landed on the right place. Do you plan to increase revenue from existing customers? Gain new customers? Sell through new channels? Lower the prices? Just let us know and we will have it covered in accordance with your business plan, anywhere, anytime.

We will help you join and compete with the millions of entrepreneurs who have carved out a market in the world of e-commerce. WebiLogics will provide you with an edge over them by professionally incorporating your marketing standards and effectively delivering the message across.

A SWOT analysis can help you assess the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your company’s current product portfolio. It is important to cater to the online market differently, given the range of accessible options and audience ratio that may be interested in a specific area. Moreover, building a strong customer base and setting a goal for your company’s online value will help you assess your position in the current market. Sounds like too much? What are we here for!

What is E-Commerce?

In this age of digital era, it is only a short time before one starts to sell their products and services online. If you are looking forward to marketing and selling your products on an online platform, look no further. Our ecommerce application will not only help you sell your products and services, but will allow you to manage and coordinate all your inventory resources in a safe and secure environment.

With Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays gaining all the attention in the world, we know where you are pointing at. You can never go wrong with the idea of online marketing to increase evenue and open your product to a whole new buying audience. Whether it is a small start up of DIY products made at your home, or a huge expanding business of garments, WebiLogics has a ready solution. Our fully developed custom web content management systems can be altered according to your project needs, depending on your company size, business budgeting, and the number of web editors maintaining the website.

Feature of Ecommerce Service:

  •  We build modern online stores to grow your business by leaps and bounds.
  •  Fully responsive and functional ecommerce solution for your products.
  •  We use all latest CMS to build an online store.
  •  Optimized URLs for seo purpose.
  •  Easy navigation to make user friendly.
  •  Search through categories and by keywords or by brands.
  •  Features images for a product.
  •  Manage orders from back end easily.
  •  Track your sales via revenue section.
  •  Add a product by just few clicks.
  •  Update a product at any time without any tension.
  •  Related products in users search product.
  •  You can add any of payment option to receive orders.
  •  Flexible pricing plans to suit your budget.

Mobile commerce

Growing at a rate of over 130 percent annually, with mobile devices are in hand of every living human, mobile commerce has become a market of its own. To stay competitive, you need to offer mobile-accessible services to increase the number of users who can buy the product or service at hand. Tools such as delivery status, real-time notifications, click-to-call, maps, and product information are examples we can offer.